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Call for info on receiving a FREE functioning dealer display:
770-992-0034, 9:00 - 5:00 EASTERN

We will need a copy of your business license and Federal Tax ID, Our fax # is 770-594-2245

dual display

Dual Display

dealer display

Cable Display

Little Big Horn Display and Big Horn Display (not pictured) also available.


Little Big Horn Big Horn Dynamic Duo

Click on photo to hear Little Big Horn

--Click on photo to hear Big Horn

--Click on photo to hear Dynamic Duo

OUR HORNS ARE THE ONLY AIR HORNS on the market with a removable back (sound unit) for cleaning, maintenance, or replacement of our stainless diaphram. If dirt gets inside your horn, it will prevent the diaphram from vibrating and will interfere with the sound from your horn. Some foreign made horns have a crimped plastic or pot metal back disguised by a chrome cover that cannot be removed for cleaning so whatever gets in your horn, stays in your horn. Next time you are on the road, look at the truck horns and you will see that they also have a removeable sound unit for maintenance(a standard in the Marine and Trucking industry). HOWARD'S HORNS ARE ALL METAL AND CONTAIN NO PLASTIC OR TIN COMPONENTS.


BUSINESS HOURS ARE 9am to 4pm Eastern, M-F, 770-992-0034

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