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These new Dynamic Duo Air Horns produce a whopping 130+ Db. The all-new patented mounting system mounts the trumpets and horn cover on one bracket. The air induction system works off a single manifold,which allows for use on only one air hose (not two), doubling the pressure for more sound. The show chrome-plated trumpets are operated by a high tech rotary vane compressor that's small enought to fit inside a stock H-D horn cover (cowbell). The removable back allows cleaning and upkeep, which are key to maintaining the quality of sound. Howard's Hog Horns are all metal and contain no plastic or tin components

Easyriders, July 2003, page 16, PartsBox

V-Twin News, July 2003, page 19

Much louder than a pig's squeal

Howard's Hog Horns' new Dynamic Duo Air Horns are now available. With an output of measured at a whopping 130Db, these horns are loud and will command attention on the road, says the manufacturer.

Howard's line of air horns still includes the Little Big Horn and the Big Horn. The Little Big Horn is small enough to hide; the chrome plated solid brass Big Horn gives a look of nostalgia. The show chrome-plated trumpets are operated by a high-tech rotary vane compressor that is small enough to fit inside Harley's stock horn cover (cowbell).

Howard's Hog Horns tells us they have the only motorcycle air horns on the market with a removable back (sound unit) for cleaning, and maintenance. If dirt gets inside your horn, it will prevent the diaghram from vibrating, and will interfere with the sound from your horn. Howard's Hog Horns are all metal and contain no plastic or tin components...

American Motorcycle Dealer, October 2003, page 22, Dynamic Duo

American Motorcycle Dealer, August 2003, page 37, Dynamic Duo

Thunder Press, July, 2003, partz, page 102, A mighty wind

The next time some irascible dufus in a Peterbilt lays the horn on you, you can give as good as you get - better, actually -with these DYNAMIC DUO AIR HORNS from Howard's Horns. A blast of these paint-peelers will shred the atmosphere with 130 decibels of move-it-or-lose-it authority -- roughly the volume of Lenny Kravitz jamming in your shower stall. The Dynamic Duo uses a patented mounting system that puts the whole works on a single bracket, and uses a single air induction manifold for maximum blast. The rotary vane air compressor that feeds the horn diaphragms installs neatly inside the stock H-D horn cover. The horns are constructed entirely of metal and feature removeable sound units to facilitate cleaning.

Easyriders PartsBox, April 2003, page 16 Gorilla Cables review

IronWorks Magazine October 2002, Buyers Guide, page 25, Gorilla Cables

As opposed to those wimpy stock cables with only 133 wires, Gorilla Cables from Howard's Horns are made from 1800 insulated, flexible strands of tinned copper wire. They also have 24k gold copper lugs for superior conductivity. The result is more cranking power with less drop in voltage and possible cure to sketch starting, dim lights and other electrical problems. Made in U.S.A. Gorilla Cables are sold in sets or individually, in black and red, for a variety of model applications. Custom lengths available...

American Motorcycle Dealer, September 2002, page 21, Gorilla Cables 81

IronWorks Magazine September 2002, Buyers Guide, page 81

How many car drivers say "I never saw the bike...? Well, if you can't bee seen, be heard. Howard's Horns are built loud. How Loud? Go to and hear for yourself. An effort has been made to make the Big Horn and the Little Big Horn air horn, nicely concealed under chrome covers, but when you need to make noise, you can. They're affordably priced for late model Harleys

CruisingRider, May/June 2002, Candy Store page 33, Gorilla Cables

Howard's Horns has expanded into battery cables. Their Gorilla Cables are built to be more flexible, stronger, and conduct electricity better than your stock battery cables, according to the company. US-made Gorilla Cables utilize 1800 insulated, "extremely flexible" strands of tinned copper wire, compared to what a spokesman said is 133 strands of wire found on most stock cables. The solid copper lugs are 24k gold plated for "superior conductivity". This is supposed to translate to "more cranking power with less drop in voltage" and can "cure many starting problems, dim lights and many electrical problems," added the spokesman. Custom lengths are available for practically anything that moves and needs a battery....

Hot Bike Buyers Guide, April 2002, page 138

Every custom bike need a horn, and this horn from Howard's Horns is small enough to conceal yet loud enough to alert anyone nearby.....

Reprinted from

So, you want to be HEARD?

While sitting around discussing life's problems, several of us here at Big Bike Touring decided we needed to find a better way to draw attention to ourselves, not that riding $15,000 to $20,000 motorcycles wasn't enough. Our concern was being seen in traffic. Anyone that has riden a motorcycle on the street more than 15 minutes knows that being seen by four wheeled vehicles is sometimes extremely difficult to impossible.

The factory horns all appear to have one thing in common. They can't be heard through closed car windows with a typical megawatt sound system blaring. It was when we came to this obvious decision we decided we needed to do some horn testing. So, as is our custom, we searched the internet for the best horn we could find (according to the web sites checked).

It was on their web site that we meet Howard's Horns, with their claim of a horn almost 1000 times louder than a stock horn.

We ordered a "Big Horn" from Howard's to try to on the 95 FLHTC that I just happen to ride on a daily basis. I paid full price never mentioning my affiliation with Big Bike Touring.

It was delivered to my door in three days as promised and I was anxious to get it installed so I could go hunting for bad drivers. My intention was to awaken as many lane changing, left turning, non seeing car drivers as I could.

I opened the box and checked the parts list to make sure everything was there, then proceeded to step one. BENCH TEST. After hooking up the compressor to an old battery and attaching the air hose to the compressor I found the horn to work as it was supposed to. Step two, The instructions said to remove the stock horn from it's mount and install the mini air compressor under the old chrome horn cover. It was a snap. The next step was to install the horn by loosening the nut on the right side of the engine between the two cylinder bases and pushrod blocks. I had previously installed chrome lifter block covers and just could not, for the life of me, get a socket or wrench down there to loosen the nut as the instructions said to do. From that point on I was on my own. I decided to use another mounting point on the cylinder head as the attach point, but this caused the horn to be pointed downward instead of forward. At this point I had run out of places to locate the big chrome horn so I just made do and left it there.

After everything was mounted, it was time to install the plastic tubing. The internet site said there would be 20" of tubing come with the kit but my kit only had 10", so, to the parts store I went. I needed 18" to get hooked up. I used small clamps on each end to make sure my connections were good and tight.

Now, it was time to test this bad ass horn. I rolled the bike out of the garage and fired it up to make sure it had plenty of current for the compressor to do it's thing, and blasted away.

First, a short blast, then a longer one, then I laid on the horn button like a train at a busy crossing.

I personally wasn't all that impressed. But then I have been riding Harleys and shooting in tournaments for a long time. About that time my wife came running out of the house to see what all the racket was about. Then I looked over to the neighbor ladies house (the same neighbor who calls the police when my dog barks too loudly) and saw that she too appreciated my new toy. I was satisfied with it now. If it could stir up this much commotion within 60 seconds, I knew I was onto something

Now that I had impressed my wife and hard to impress neighbor, I was off on my hunt for my first 4 wheeled vehicle to see how it worked in traffic. This part almost disappointed me, ALMOST. I rode for 35 minutes before I got to use my new self defense weapon on a real live dangerous driver.

As I approached a traffic signal, a lady talking on a cell phone decided to switch lanes right in front of me. I punched that horn button for all it was worth.......Then, I almost fell off my bike laughing. It appeared she thought she had just pulled in front of a Semi truck the way she dropped her phone and swerved back into her lane.


I road around town for a couple more hours getting used to my new toy two more times, both, with similar reactions. I then decided it was time to head home and put my bike to bed for the evening and when I pulled into the garage I beeped my big horn to let my wife know how very much I love her.

My thoughts on the Horn from Howard's - I won't ride another bike without it!


Usefulness - ****1/2

Cost - ***

Cool Factor - ****

Reprinted from HOT STUFF - Iron Works Magazine July 1999

If they don't see you coming they'll hear you with an air horn from Howard's Horns. According to the manufacturer, acoustical testing proves that both their Little Big Horn and Big Horn are over 1000% louder than most stock horns. Constructed in stainless and chrome, the horns utilize existing positive and ground wiring for easy installation. They're small enough to hide in a variety of locations. Hardware is included. Howard's Horns (page 33)

Cruising Rider Magazine Spring 1999

WHy is it that you can pay 10 grand for a new bike only to find it has a three-dollar horn? What gives? Bike horns (BMW being an exception) for the most part are embarrassing, toy sounding things guaranteed to get little attention on the road when the SUV cuts you off. Howard H.loves those wimpy stock horns. He has made a flourishing business, supplying riders with horns of substance. They are called Howard's Horns and they honk with the proper authority. Howard's Horns are made for all popular bikes and he has three models of honkiness from $105 to $140. Some dealers carry these devices or you can contact Howard himself. If you call, speak up as Howard is slightly hearing impaired. Howard's Horns 770-992-0034. (page70)

"Little Big Horn" from Eagle Eye magazine, September 1995

If you’ve ever been at the receiving end of a big rig’s air horns, you know it definitely gets your attention fast. However, riding a motorcycle produces a visual image somewhat smaller than an 18-wheeler, and thereby puts you at risk to the driver who has a blind spot either in his mirror or brain, relative to bikes. Waking him or her from the brain flutter that has a vehicle drifting into your lane or turning left in front of you, requires sound judgment and a horn to go with it.

Some of the beep-beep horns attached to motorcycles unfortunately have less of an effect that a kid’s bicycle squeezer. They barely register through the insulated thermo-pane glass and 80-watt sound system which most of the newer cars employ to separate them from the real world. This can make a motorcyclist’s life all the more hazardous. Yet, style does have its say, and, until recently, nailing the USS Alabama’s fog horns or a Mack truck’s set of freeway blaster air horns, was about your customer’s only option.

Howard has done his horn homework and then some. The proof is in the numbers (of sales).....and level of quality control.

The trumpets are of chrome and stainless steel construction to which he adds the compressor which is totally conceal-able, for example, behind the stock horn cover. All hardware is included, plus a most generous 18 inches of hose since only 8 inches is normally required. This allows for more custom or radical plumbing.

The installation has been simplified to the point of minimal effort since it utilizes existing wiring, thereby eliminating the need to get involved with complex rewiring chores. In addition, the optional new stainless mounting bracket mounts the trumpet on the side of the engine like a mini nostalgia horn and won’t draw rust to your engine. And, like your customer’s bike, Howard’s Hog Horn is made in the USA.

Your most pertinent question is probably, is it loud? Acoustical engineers were hired to perform decibel testing (report dated 7/6/94). The result: Howard’s air horns are over 1000% louder, not 100%, that’s 1000% louder. To really impress your customers, Howard provides a major sales incentive to dealers, a custom display where at the press of the button you’ll get a literally earsplitting demonstration.

(This is a reprint of a portion of an article on the "Little Big Horn" from Eagle Eye magazine, September 1995)


I have talked with many owners that wish there was a louder horn on their 'Star. We have experimented with a lot of variations but Kevin George in Sacramento finally discovered a really sound (pardon the pun) option.

Howard's Horns, manufactured outside of Atlanta offers two air horns that will work on a Royal Star. There is a small horn and a large horn. Each is powered by a very small rotary compressor that has two electrical terminals on it. The compressor is approximately 4" tall and 1 1/2" in diameter. Air is fed to the horn via a plastic air hose that can be covered by a steel braided cover. The compressor is rated at 6 amps, similar to the stock horn.

If you wish to run both horns, you need to buy two complete kits, as one compressor will not operate two horns.

I tried two horns and they do work! Very loud. You will need to check the fuse that supplies the circuit; I increased mine by 5 amps. Also, be careful with the wiring. Yamaha electrical systems are like Volkswagens; the hot side of the circuit is continual to the horn and the switch is on the ground side of the circuit.

Howard's Horns can be obtained at most Harley Davidson dealers or call Howard at 770-992-0034. Nice people.

(This is a reprint of an article by Ron Dial from Star News-6, Tech Talk, January 1998)


BUSINESS HOURS ARE 9am to 4pm, M-F, 770-992-0034

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